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Rajan Lamichhane

Assistant Professor, BCMB


Single-molecule methods are powerful techniques to study complex and diverse biological processes because of their capability to provide detailed information about molecular mechanisms, which are hidden in conventional ensemble experiments. The long-term goal of my research is to make significant contributions to understanding how complex biological entities and interactions take place at the molecular level. Understanding how the dynamic interactions between biomolecules control their assembly pathway will help us to predict potential defects in such processes caused by different diseases. Detailed information on biomolecular assembly pathways will ultimately guide us towards the design and development of therapeutics targeting each step of assembly. Research in my lab focuses on the application and advancement of single-molecule fluorescence in the study of conformational dynamics and activation mechanism of G protein-coupled receptors. We are also interested in real-time visualization of trafficking of HIV-1 RNA (RRE) in the cellular environment.

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