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Michael Berry




Professor Berry is the co-author and editor of two recent books published by SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics): "Understanding Search Engines: Mathematical Modeling and Text Retrieval, Second Edition" and "Computational Information Retrieval". A third edited volume entitled "A Survey of Text Mining" was published by Springer-Verlag in August of 2003. He has published over 75 refereed journal and conference publications.

He has organized numerous workshops on Text Mining and was Conference Co-Chair of the 2003 SIAM Third International Conference on Data Mining (May 1-3) in San Francisco, CA. He was also Program Co-Chair of the 2004 Co-Chair of the 2003 SIAM Fourth International Conference on Data Mining (April 22-24) in Orlando, FL. He is a member of SIAM, ACM, and the IEEE Computer Society and is on the editorial board of "Computing in Science and Engineering" and the "SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing".

Description of Research

His research interests include parallel and scientific computing, information retrieval, text mining, bioinformatics, and computational science. Current projects in bioinformatics include the Semantic Gene Organizer (SGO) in collaboration with Prof. Ramin Homayouni in the Department of Radiology, UT Health Sciences Center (Memphis), and computational approaches to whole genome phylogeny with Prof. Gary Stuart, Department of Life Sciences, Indiana State University. Professor Berry is currently supported by grants and contracts from the National Science Foundation, US Departments of Energy and Defense, and the National Institutes of Health.


  • PhD: Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MS: Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University
  • BS: Mathematics, University of Georgia


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Contact Information