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Joshua N. Bembenek

Assistant Professor



Cells must coordinate multiple processes during division to ensure that each daughter cell inherits all the necessary constituents to maintain viability. Faithful cell division is essential to prevent aneuploidy, which is linked to infertility, genetic disease and cancer progression. The lab is focused on understanding a novel pathway that controls vesicle trafficking during cell division, which is essential to coordinate chromosome segregation with cytokinesis. Interestingly, core cell cycle genes that are well characterized for their fundamental roles in regulating chromosome segregation are also unexpectedly involved in vesicle trafficking. We also have a project focused on how cells regulate the final abscission event in cytokinesis, and the roles of the midbody during embryonic development. Our favorite model system is the C. elegans embryo, which is an ideal system to learn more about the regulation of cell division during development.


Ph.D. University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School


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