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GST Graduates

Entered In 2013

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
 McCray, Tyra Dr. Tessa Burch-Smith
Zhang, Qian (M.S.) Data Analyst at Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Seattle, WA Dr. David Ussery

Entered In 2012

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
 Qian, Chen Dr. Robert Hettich
 Iyer, Ramsunder ‘Sarvesh’ Postdoctoral Fellow, North Western University, Fienberg School of Medicine, Chicago Dr. Robert Hettich
Estenson, Kasey Dr. Jennifer Morrell-Falvey
Bakshi, Arkadipta Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Madison Dr. Brad Binder

Entered In 2011

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Kelemen, Reka (M.S.) PhD Program, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria Dr. Vitaly Ganusov
Lane, Thomas (M.S.) Bioinformatics Specialist with UTK Entomology and Plant Pathology Dr. Neal Stewart
Adebali, Ogün Postdoctoral Fellow in Aziz Sancar’s Lab at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Dr. Igor Zhulin
Rempe, Caroline Postdoctoral Fellow in Stewart Lab, UT Dr. Neal Stewart
Banerjee, Rahul  Postdoctoral Fellow in Jurat-Fuentes Lab, UT Dr. Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Zhou, Jing Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD Dr. Jeremy Smith

Entered In 2010

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Fleetwood, Aaron Research Specialist, Zhulin Lab, ORNL Dr. Igor Zhulin
Kapoor, Karan
Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Jerome Baudry
Johnson, Quentin Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS), University of Tennessee Dr. Tongye Shen
Upadhyay, Amit

Bioinformatics Analyst at Yerkes National Primate Research Center – Emory University

Dr. Igor Zhulin
Utturkar, Sagar Bioinformatician at Purdue University Dr. Steve Brown
Xiong, Weili Postdoctoral Scholar, Hettich Lab, ORNL Dr. Robert Hettich
Jia, Qidong Computational Biologist, University of Nebraska at Lincoln Dr. Feng Chen

Entered In 2009

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Ellingson, Sally Assistant Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics, University of Kentucky Dr. Jerome Baudry
Li, Zhou Postdoctoral Fellow at ORNL Dr. Robert Hettich
Utley, Jordan (M.S.) Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University Dr. Loren Hauser
Norris, Ayla (M.S.) Biological Lab Technician, USDA-ARS, Davis, California Dr. Feng Chen
Pluchino, Lenora Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Vet Med Center Dr. Robert Wang
Sharma, Ritin Postdoctoral Fellow at Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL Dr. Robert Hettich
Storey, Dylan Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis Dr. Kurt Lamour
Smolensky, Dmitriy Research Scientist, Agricultural Research Service (USDA) at Manhattan, KS Dr. Maria Cekanova
Ernest, Benjamin Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD Dr. Albrecht von Arnim
Hu, Xiaohu Postdoctoral Fellow in Smith Lab, ORNL Dr. Jeremy Smith
Mukherjee, Avik Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alabama, Birmingham Dr. Bruce McKee

Entered In 2008

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Abraham, Paul Staff Scientist at ORNL Dr. Robert Hettich
Adams, Rachel Data Scientist, Knowledgent Dr. Robert Hettich
Harris, Jason Postdoc at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Research Triangle Park, NC Dr. Jerome Baudry
Campbell-Coffey, Alisha Assistant Professor at Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO Dr. Mircea Podar
LeMieux, Monique (M.S.) PhD Student at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX Dr. Valerie Berthelier
Li, Tian Postdoc at University of Chicago Dr. Daniel Roberts
Mostofian, Barmak Center for Molecular Biophysics, ORNL Dr. Jeremy Smith
Nanda (Perevozchikova), Tatiana Principal Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline, Greater Philadelphia Area Dr. Valerie Berthelier
Shakya, Migun Postdoc at Dartmouth College Dr. Mircea Podar
Jackson, Jerreme Postdoc Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Dr. Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes

Entered In 2007

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Borziak, Kirill Postdoc at Syracuse University Dr. Igor Zhulin
Gobena, Daniel Postdoc at Purdue University Dr. Kurt Lamour
Iyer, Sukanya Postdoc at Emory University, Atlanta, GA Dr. Mitch Doktycz
Rathore, Kusum Postdoc at University of Tennessee Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Knoxville, TN Dr. Robert Wang
Kwon, Hae Ryong (M.S.) PhD Student, University of Albany,
Albany, NY
Dr. Tim Sparer
Lindner, Benjamin Postdoctoral Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Dr. Jeremy Smith
Wyatt, Brantley (M.S.) Senior Project Technician, Otogenetics Corporation, Atlanta, GA Dr. Brynn Voy
Young, Jacque Caprio Postdoc at University of Pennsylvania Dr. Robert Hettich

Entered In 2006

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Close, Dan Staff Scientist, ORNL Dr. Gary Sayler
Chotewutmontri, Prakitchai Postdoc, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Dr. Barry Bruce
Erickson, Alison Russell Research Fellow in Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School Dr. Robert Hettich
Hulvey, Jon Research Assistant Professor at UMASS Amherst and Adjunct Professor at Holyoke Community College Dr. Kurt Lamour
Philip, Vivek Associate Director, Computational Sciences, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine Dr. Elissa Chesler
Sarode, Neha Postdoc at  Harvard University Dr. Todd Reynolds
Siuti, Piro Research Investigator II at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge MA Dr. Mitch Doctycz

Entered In 2005

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Billings (Edwards), Nicole Biomedical Engineer at Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, MA Dr. Jennifer Morrell-Falvey
Erickson, Brian Postdoc at Harvard University, MA Dr. Robert Hettich
Fletcher, Sarah Jean (M.S.) Post Masters at ORNL Dr. Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Hwang, Jin Ha Deputy head of R&D Strategic Planning Dept. at Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  (Korea) Dr. Dan Roberts
Naswa, Sudhir Bioinformatician, Genus PLC, Hendersonville, TN Dr. Mike Langston and Dr. Brynn Voy
Wang, Zixing Postdoc at University of Texas Medical School, Houston-Neurobiology Dr. Jae Park

Entered In 2004

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Borate, Bhavesh Ram (M.S.) Statistician, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Dr. Mike Langston
Duvvuru, Suman Senior Research Scientist – Statistics at Eli Lilly, Indianapolis Dr. Arnold Saxton
Lynch, Rachel Postdoc at Texas A&M University Dr. Brynn Voy
McClintock, Carlee Senior Scientist at Pain Consultants
of East Tennessee
Dr. Robert Hettich
Mukherjee, Anirban (M.S.) Consultant Subject Matter Expert (Pharma Healthcare) Dr. Ranjan Ganguly
Rajagopalan, Sangeetha Director of Research and Development, Molecular Templates, Austin, TX Dr. Sundar Venkatachalam
Rhee, David Postdoc at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY Dr. Yie Liu
Tjioe, Elina Specialist, Sali lab, Univ. of CA, San Francisco, CA Dr. Michael Berry
Vyas, Kanan Ramesh (M.S.) Clinical Data Manager, St. Jude Medical Center, Memphis, TN Dr. Robert Hettich/ Dr. Hong Guo

Entered In 2003

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Beckmann, Melissa FDA/Bioplex, Jefferson, Arkansas Dr. Mitch Doktycz
Giannone, Richard Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab Dr. Yisong Wang
Savidor, Alon Asst. Staff Scientist, Weizmann Institute, Rehiavot, Israel Dr. Kurt Lamour and Dr. Hayes McDonald
Thompson, Melissa Principal Scientist at Pfizer, St. Louis, MO Dr. Robert Hettich
Wu, Jun Staff Scientist at the Salk Institute, San Diego, CA Dr. Yisong Wang
Zhou, Fujun Research Fellow, Lorsch Lab, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD Dr. Albrecht von Arnim

Entered In 2002

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Connelly, Heather

Director of Quality at Merck, Raleigh-Durham, NC

Dr. Robert Hettich
Desai, Jaya Postdoc at UT Med Center – Surgery Dr. Bem Culiat
Ellrott, Kyle Assistant Professor at Oregon Health & Science University Dr. Ying Xu
Hervey, Judson Research Biologist, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC Dr. Greg Hurst
Pan, Chongle Staff Scientist, ORNL Dr. Robert Hettich
Shanafield, Harold (M.S.) Informatics Specialist, ORNL Dr. Jay Snoddy
Sullivan, Claretta Research Asst Prof, Eastern VA Medical School, VA Dr. Mitch Doktycz

Entered In 2001

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Liu, Yutao Associate Professor, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA Dr. Brynn Voy
McWilliams, David Research Scientist at Genomic Science Dr. Barry Bruce
Ozen, Can Assistant Professor: Middle East Technical University, Biotechnology Department, Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Engin Serpersu
Peng, Xinxia Computational Research Scientist, University of Washington, Seattle, WA Dr. Jay Snoddy  and Dr. Mike Langston
Rowe, Erica Postdoc at Conformation Diseases & Therapeutics Research – UT MED Dr. Ron Wetzel
VerBerkmoes, Nathan

Research Associate Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso

Dr. Robert Hettich

Entered In 2000

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
AydinSon, Yesim Asst Prof & Bioinformatics Graduate Coordinator, Medical Information, Middle East Technical University, Turkey Dr. Ed Michaud
Chen, Yu Principal Research Scientist-Bioinformatics at Eli Lilly and Company Dr. Dong Xu
Razumovskaya, Jane

Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist at Thermofisher Scientific, San Jose, California

Dr. Ed Uberbacher
Sega, Matthew (M.S.)

Clinical Pharmacist at CompleteRx, Knoxville, TN

Dr. Ron Wetzel
Sharp, Josh

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at The University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

Dr. Jeff Becker
Yost, Christal (M.S.) User Support Specialist, National Institute for Computational Sciences, University of Tennessee Dr. Dong Xu

Entered In 1999

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Uchiki, Tomoaki

Researcher at Chiome Bioscience, Saitama, Japan

Dr. Chris Dealwis
Awwad, Rawan (M.S.) Genetic counselor at Counsyl, Greater Detroit Area Dr. Ranjan Ganguly

Entered In 1998

Student Name Follow-Up Position GST Adviser
Kasili, Paul Associate Professor, Biotechnology Program Director at Bunker Hill Community College, Greater Boston Area Dr. Tuan Vo-Dinh and Dr. Jeff Becker

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