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Cialis: Definition and Dosage Regulations

  • According to the latest data of statistics, about 140 million men around the world have problems with erection including weak or short-term erection, premature ejaculation, impotence and other dysfunctions. According to the majority of medical experts, the use of Cialis can assist in the most cases when a man suffers from such a dangerous and life-ruining disorder as erectile dysfunction.

The definition and the mechanism of action

Eli, Lilly and Company is the major manufacturer of brand Cialis in the U.S. that has a license on producing this drug from the FDA. There are also legal versions of Cialis referred to generics that work approximately in the same way being based on the same active components but since they are produced in Mexico, India and China they cost comparatively cheaper than brand medication.

  • Cialis (a.k.a. Tadalafil by its active substance providing the major health results of this drug) provides an effective and reversible action on male genitalia making blood flow to a penis more efficiently than it usually does in males with weak erection. Reversible impact means that Tadalafil acts temporary and terminated after Cialis’ half-life is over and it is out of a body. The best thing about Cialis unlike similar medication is that it is also referred to PDE5 inhibitors but it does not affect other types of phosphodiesterase in a body but the fifth one that is mainly responsible for the smooth muscle tension of the arteries.

The dosage regulations for Cialis

Cialis is legally assigned and applied only for curing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis dose for most healthy middle-aged men should not be over one pill (20 mg) swallowed per 24 hours.

It should be noted that Cialis is quite a “champion” in its drug family since it has a surprisingly long period of action, namely a durable period of action - 36 hours.

When you are using Cialis, keep in mind that the pill has to be swallowed 15 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Admission of Cialis does not depend on the food intake.
The use of Cialis by elderly men is the same as by middle-aged men unless they have heart conditions that have to be discussed with a healthcare provider.

What are health effects of Cialis:

  • Blood flow to a penis increases

  • Inflammation reduction

  • More testosterone is released

  • Blood pressure is stabilized

  • Improved sexual and romantic relationships

  • Works as a mild antidepressant